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60 kilo: Buhler Coffee Roaster - New

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60 Kilo: Buhler Roastmaster

Every coffee manufacturing application requires individual roasting processes for optimized flavor and bean properties. This roaster adapts to your needs and offers a maximum of process flexibility. It inspires your product innovations with traditional and with more sophisticated multi-step roasting profiles.

The proven drum roasting technology of this roaster ensures a reliable, efficient and safe roasting operation. The optimized degree of roast, the roasting time and the roasting profile must be precisely reproduced for consistently high quality coffee products. The multistep process of this roaster allows for optimized flavor creation for any coffee blend and varieties and ensures excellent consistency.

The user-friendly operating panel includes a Siemens PLC and a Windows panel PC with 12.5 inch touchscreen for full process automation and easy operation.


  • Fully automated roasting operation
  • Full recipe management
  • Automated start and stop procedures
  • Various login-levels for customized allocation of permission rights (operator, engineer, etc.)
  • Open system (non-recirculation)
  • Open airflow system Gas / (diesel*) burner
  • Data transfer via Ethernet (option)
  • Cooling unit in control cabinet (option)
  • Recycle system
  • Recirculating airflow system (up to 30% energy savings compared to open systems)
  • Gas / (diesel*) burner
  • Data transfer via Ethernet (option)
  • Cooling unit in control cabinet (option)
  • Hot air system: Air recirculation or non-recirculating open system
  • Heat generation: Fully variable LPG burner (Weishaupt) or 2-step diesel burner
  • Batch size: 30 kg to 60 kg (max. 70 kg/batch)
  • Hourly capacity: Up to 240 kg green beans/hour
  • Service centers are in Switzerland, Italy, USA and India

Optional Features

  • Pneumatic feeder
  • Pneumatic destoner/discharge unit
  • Afterburner Price: $180,000
  • Note: optional configurations could change price between $170,000 - $190,000 - call for discussion.
  • Also Loader, Destoner, and Afterburner would cost extra. Pricing available with quote.