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60 kilo: Jabez Burns 1978 Model 6R 1 Bag Coffee Roaster - please call or email to complete purchase

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Only about 6 of these ever made. Perforated drum, cooling drum located below roasting drum (not a stir-flex style but could be easily added) green coffee loader, de-stoner and elevator-loader, chaff collector, dust collector, water quench system (use is optional), catalytic converter style afterburner. This roaster is not pretty but a true workhorse. Updating this roaster with a modulating main burner and a profile system would be a great idea. Probat Burns still has all drawings on file and their support is available. Probably could use about 15k in upgrades. This is for large commercial and industrial use not a retail location. floor space needed is about 15' x 22' and about 16' height. This machine was dismantled since the time the pictures were taken and moved into storage for a future re-install that never happened. Some help with freight transport is like available to the California area. Otherwise common carriers may require some crating or flat-bed truck transport.Jabez Burns did a great job on this model and everything they used was overbuilt so stronger than necessary, but that's good news. Before they were sold to Probat, the Jabez Burns company had previously made a 1 bag roaster in an attempt to re-enter the specialty roasting market even though they'd been specializing in 2 to 4 bag roasters.The new company Probat Burns has the original drawings so any parts can be re-made probably best from a local machine shop. All the original manuals are still included. The afterburner catalytic component is new. . . never installed. The afterburner has some damage to the sidewall which could be repaired at the time of install which is also when the installation of the catalytic component could be done. The catalytic component is worth maybe $20K alone.Price: $49,000Please call for pricing details.