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60 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Roaster - PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR QUOTE

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One bag roasting - worldwide favorite since most of the coffee bags in the world are 60 kilo. Now this is NOT an excuse to avoid silo management of the coffee beans - as coffee stored in silos enjoy a universal moisture content where leaving it in bags will give you moisture all over the place - so think silos as part of your plant. Now to the actual roaster being a very rugged cast iron roasting frame and roasting drum contact-clearances with that solid frame making it just plain solid and does not move under long or extended use. Double wall drum means that the heat is all designed to go through the center of the roasting chamber, not "onto" the drum exterior. Total true convection. Not only is this the same style from the old Gothot & Barth Roaster days. . . but even better as the shaft design so that bearings are externally mounted and additionally are air cooled for long life and trouble-free control. Even the side panels or product flights have a longer curve positioning that allows for more product flow into the hot air stream, resulting in a slightly more rapid roast with more even bean interior and expansion that frankly leads the industry. All this commentary above means this roaster simply is more quiet than anything on the market. Period. Thermal insulation with highest quality of fiber for low gas consumption; digital temperature control. Cyclone is separate. The cooler, being totally separate also has the largest air collection area of any roaster made allowing for total ambient cool coffee in less than three minutes. Add to this package a loader or your choice of destoners and even your choice of control methods. . . See below for details. Special note - the more automatic versions of this roaster means that everything is totally different from the burner to the motors used to control each function - as they are all speed controlled - so there is a huge difference between the "manual" method and the automatic and profile operated machine.Space planning and drawings - we are happy to draw this into your drawings, so that you can see specifically just where and how this will function within your plant. Please send your drawings for a detail study.

Built to UL295 Standards. Learn more at: 

Model CRM 60 - Manual Version Roaster/Cooler only

Model CRS 60 - Profile System, touch screen controls and total wired internally speed controls or heat controls to follow exactly the desired profile

Model CRA 60 - Completely Automatic hands free batching and would require a silo system connection

  • Add Pneumatic Cylinder in all doors (included with CRA)
  • Add a Destoner (included with CRA)
  •  Add a Loader (included with CRA)

Note: Crating and freight costs are not included. Origin is Europe.

TECHNICAL BROCHURE Side by Side Comparison:JOPER 60 KILO AUTOMATIC VS. JOPER 60 KILO MANUAL Diagram of Joper 60 kilo ManualOther Optional Equipment:Destoner, Conveying System, & Destoner and Scale Hopper/Load CellPhoto of Manual Control Panel:Information about the Profile Roast Control: Color - $300.00Standard color is black with silver but you can customize it to your hearts content using the colors below. When selecting the color for your Roaster Body . . . these RAL Colors are all available - your local Automotive paint shop will also have examples of the same. Choose and it will be done! Additional charge of $300 for Custom RAL Paint Colors.New Crating for JoperFully enclosed certified international wood crating - all sides and top . . . for maximum protecting during the transportation phase.