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75 kilo: Used Probat R450 Roaster

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75 KILO: USED PROBAT R450 ROASTERMore Information Coming Soon!Specifications: Efficiency: up to 450kg/h 90kg per batch Power: LPG/natural gas Status: renovation needed will be completely overhauled Pneumatic green coffee loader, chaff cyclone and destoner included Price: $111,415.00 Ex Works PiłaBROCHURE INFORMATION:Probat Drum Roaster Type R with Booster CoolingA batch roaster unrivaled for it's rigidity. Can be used for any type of roasting and quality of green beans. Double walled, solid roaster cylinder with a large litre content and incorporated special stirring vanes for the ideal air distribution. Low energy consumption, practically maintenance-free and requires very little cleaning. Long operational life and of great commercial efficiency! The R Type Roaster guarantees an excellent roasted product, optimal, uniform roasted product with the highest aroma development and productivity. Booster cooling on a large surface car with two special cooling fans. Available for: Firing with oil and all types of gas. Manual-, semi-, and fully automatic controlling. Chaff separation with a centriclone receiving hopper, or water flushing or chaff compbustion or with aspiration. Connections existing for an afterburner as well as a destoner. Specifications: Hourly Capacity: 450 kg Batch Size: 75 kg Energy Consumption: 34.8 kW/h Electrical connected load: 18.4 KVA Emissions at 450 degrees Celsius: 300 mgC/Nm Emissions at 750 degrees Celsius: > 100 mgC/Nm Dimensions on drawing below: a: 4829mmb: 2304mmc: 2838mmd: 2861mme: 330mm Operational Weight of Machine: 3700 kg Operational Weight of Cooler Car: 700 kg