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90 kilo: Gothot Roaster - Radically Upgraded & Rebuilt - please email or phone to complete purchase

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Sorry, this item is sold out. But we're here to help! We may have other equipment that isn't on the site yet, so let us know what you need and we'll help you find it.

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7 Batches Per Hour . . . This is the famous Gothot roaster BUT, Totally Upgraded over the last 10 years . . . with total variable convection heating, variable air movement, variable drum rotation - for destoning system. Pneumatic Air Veying loader, and Afterburner system (not yet pictured), a full water safety and quench system and all run by automation Profile system. This machine has been made to mimic the Rapido Nova Gothot method - so this roaster can be adjusted to most any speed of roast to accomplish high yield when needed or to simply copy any other profile or speed of roast. History . . . Very specialty coffee roasting operation grew a chain of stores and regional wholesale distribution network using the Rapido Nova Gothot roaster . . . but needed to expand - so the Probat Installation Crew at that time came up with this top condition 90 kilo Gothot - but as Probat was making changes, the some of the engineering and installation people stayed on locally and helped this customer not only rebuild, but to totally upgrade making it possible to average 7 batches per hour as the internal conditions were now able to go far beyond what the original Gothot 90 body did, as an entire new fan and air/heat management system was built and installed. Even though production plant had grown . . . the times and needs have also changed and this unit is no longer needed. It is still hooked up and you are welcome to bring in some coffee and test the machine . . . just need to set an appointment to accomplish that session. There is a local company that has managed the profile program and programming including lots of stored formulas . . . and that company can travel to your new location and get you all set up and re-installed. We (Coffeetec) has monitored and watched all this history from day one . . . and know the insides and outside of this machinery - so the future is clear. This is really nice and ready - just needs a new home. Allow space of 20'x20' for installation. The drawings below show possible tighter configurations - but you still need to walk around and have access to each activity. Front to back - 3800mm (12.5') plus space for AB unit, allow space 4'x4' Left to Right - 2900 mm (10') Min Height - 2500 mm+ (8.5') Probat Catalytic Afterburner and all the related interconnects Configuration is somewhat flexible and the loader and destoner may stick out a little depending on where it is placed during installation, this is why we suggest the 20x20 space. Location - East Coast