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Agtron Coffee Roast Analyzer E20-CP III



Read Roast Color and Analyzer by Agtron

Analyzed results digitally displayed on this Agtron color reader. Digital automated two-point self-calibration to two industry-standard scales: Commercial Scale or Gourmet Scale.

Download and Store 

Product reading storage and download capability to windows based spreadsheet via RS-232 communications port.

Note: All Agtron units now have auto-adjusting universal power supplies so they will function correctly on any voltage from 90-250 V, 50/60 Hz.


  • Improved Linearity: The Agtron E20CP uses the same chemistry-based analysis strategy as the E10CP but roast scores now correlate more exactly to the sensory assessment of roast development. The E20CP has a correlation tolerance to the related compound group of 0.50%. The E10CP that it replaces had a 4.0% correlation tolerance.
  • Solid-State Lamps: The E20CP uses substrate-based solid-state NIR illumination eliminating the need to replace lamps. This new illumination features electronic regulation. As a result, the analyzer is extremely stable and impervious to line voltage fluctuation and transients. The design MTBF of the light source is 100,000 hours.
  • Fully Automated Calibration: The E20CP features display prompted two-point Bulk Calibration. The two-point method improves long-term control over both the analyzers slope and span compared to the E10CPs single-point strategy. Bulk Calibration is required only once every 24 hours and takes less than one minute. Between Bulk Calibrations, the analyzer self-calibrates whenever the operator opens the sample drawer. This automatic self-calibration feature ensures the highest accuracy for every sample tested and requires no attention from the operator.
    • A RE-CALIBRATE reminder appears on the display ever 24 hours to prompt Bulk Calibration, inspiring correct calibration practice.
  • Expanded Scale Display: When the Scale Expansion function is selected (F1, F2, F3) the analyzer's normal fullscale reading limit of 99.9 is expanded so that the analyzer can read scores over 100.0. For example, if a multiplier of 2.00 is specified by the user in the Scale Expansion mode, and the root Agtron product score is 69.4, then the analyzer without this function would display 99.9 (full-scale limit). With this function, the analyzer will display 138.8(69.4 x 2.00). Calibration Flexibility: The E20CP can be calibrated to either of two Agtron industry standard scales; The Commercial Scale or the Gourmet Scale. It is easy to move from one scale to the other. In addition, either scale can be expanded or compressed using an operator defined factor invoked by a special function key. Three such factors can be stored in computer memory. Users may also define their own Custom scale by assigning desired scores to product samples. This may be desirable when setting Q.C. windows of acceptability for certain product groups.
  • Data Storage Capability: This allows the user to store 300 product readings in non-volatile memory and download the data to the Windows-based spreadsheet.
  • Keypad Entry of Calibration Values: All inputs and commands are now entered using a keypad. There are no finicky knobs to turn or complicated procedures to follow, a vast improvement over the E10CP.
  • High Contrast Backlit LCD Display: Can be viewed in any ambient light.
  • Dual Microprocessor Design: The E20CP has an all-new computer and interface board. By incorporating dual microprocessors, maximum flexibility for application/software development is accommodated. Future upgrades can be performed quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Non-Volatile Memory: The E20CP store's calibration values or customer-selected configurations even when power is disconnected.
  • Super-Regulated Solid State Power Supply: The E20CP power supply is an all-new design. Super line-load regulation allows the analyzer to function normally and accurately even in brown-out supply line conditions. As an example, the 120VAC, 60Hz version of E20CP will operate within specification at line voltages as low as 100V or as high as 140V. Electrical isolation protects the analyzer from the types of line voltage transients common to industrial environments that can cause damage to sensitive electronics. High-Resolution A/D Converter: The E20CP uses a 12bit A/D converter with over 4000 useable increments for data conversion. With a resident incremental conversion resolution of 0.025% and a system resolution of 0.10%, extreme accuracy is inherent.
  • Excellent Agreement with other E20CPs: One of the design priorities of the E20CP was to improve the analyzer to analyzer agreement within the E20CP family and over indefinite periods. Specifications require an inter-instrument product correlation of 0.40% and long-term correlation of 0.80%. This is an order of magnitude improvement over the E10CP. Combined with the two-point Bulk Calibration, a high level of inter-instrument agreement can be maintained, even with analyzers in remote locations.
  • Non-Critical Internal Calibration Standard: Each time the Bulk Calibration procedure is completed, the internal computer reestablishes the auto-calibration reference. This means that the internal calibration disk used for auto-calibration is no longer critical to performance as with the E10CP. Even if the disk gets scratched or chipped during periodic cleaning, it will not All Agtron units now have auto-adjusting universal power supplies so they will function correctly on any voltage from 90vac - 250 V, 50/60 Hz. affect automatic calibration or analytical accuracy. The E20CPs internal standard can also be replaced in under a minute with an off the shelf standard stocked item.


  • All Agtron units now have auto-adjusting universal power supplies so they will function correctly on any voltage from 90 - 250 V, 50/60 Hz. Need specific voltage for the power cord.

International orders please call for additional cost for Export paperwork documentation, shipping crate upgrade, special warranty.


A Pioneer in Food and Process Technology

Since its founding in the middle of the last century, Agtron Inc. has been a pioneering leader in food and process technology. Flexibility, ease of operation, high resolution, and excellent repeatability in the production/industrial environment make Agtron a leader in setting and maintaining standards.