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Automatic Rotary Bag Filling & Sealing Machine - Brand New - Never Used

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Check out this fully automated rotary bag filling and sealing machine by XtraVac. This is the 2020 model and has never been out of the original crate. Customer decided to go a different route for their packaging needs after buying brand new. This equipment is available for your immediate purchase and can be shipped within days.

This is serious equipment! The offering has the complete mezzanine over the actual packaging machine as shown in the picture, including stair access and loader.

Working position description and procedure:

XtraVac RBF8-XL utilizes 8 working positions:

  1. Pouch feeding conveyor & pouch pickup
  2. Date Coding area & Zipper opening device
  3. Opening pouch bottom
  4. Opening pouch top
  5. First filling position
  6. Second filling position
  7. First sealing position
  8. Second sealing position(cold seal) and pouch discharge conveyor


  • Water proof design of the control cabinet; covered controls (for washdown models only).
  • Machine rotation direction is anticlockwise.
  • Easy to operate, advanced MITSUBISHI PLC and full color touch screen control system.
  • Horizontal bag infeed conveyor, sensor controlled.
  • Gear motor driven, for high accuracy and stable positioning; quiet and stable operation.
  • Includes vacuum pump for an ideal vacuum suction of the pouch pickup and - opening, reliable, low noise and low maintenance.
  • Machine speed controlled and adjusted by a "Schneider" frequency inverter.
  • Easy changeover for different pouch sizes. The gripper width can be adjusted automatically from the touch screen panel.
  • PID temperature controller.
  • Automatic control: non-filled /not sealed/no pouch or in case of pouch opening errors, the pouch can be used again. No waste.
  • Machine safety: Machine stop in case of irregular air pressure, heater disconnection alarm.
  • Pouch feeding conveyor receives more pouches with automatic feeding control. Easy to re-load bags.
  • Stainless steel housing, parts in contact with the product and bags comply with GMP requirements, guarantee hygiene and food safety.
  • Integration of various filling/dosing systems upon request: e.g. auger filler for powder, volumetric cup filler for granule, multi-head weigher for variable density products, liquid pump or piston filler for liquid, etc.
  • Wide range of usable packing materials, suitable for multi-layer compound, Aluminum foil, laminating film, Paper laminating film etc.
  • Machine safety cover and doors meet CE requirements, machine stops when any safety guard opens.
  • SMC Pneumatics.
  • Machine with water drain chute for table top cleaning.
  • Control signal: 24V DC.
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