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Coffee Loaders Designed Specifically for Roasters!

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Made In USA

Pricing starts at $2800. Final price based on options chosen. See below.

Roasters have unique requirements for coffee loaders. Here's why. Green beans can get stress cracks and break when roasted. And roasted beans are fragile and can break when conveyed. Also, ground coffee requires large filters to reduce cleaning.

Let's face it. No one wants dust all over their roastery. And loud loaders are painful to work around or require ear protection.

We have designed all our loaders specifically to address these issues! We review every application and design systems to meet your needs.

  • No more backaches from lifting
  • Headaches from loud loaders
  • Best Yet! You will have a clean dust-free roastery when using our loaders

Coffee Loader


  • Food-grade polished stainless steel
  • Very quiet, under 76 dba
  • Standard variable speed control
  • Minimal damage to whole beans
  • Dust-free operation
  • Floor level maintenance
  • Plugs into standard wall power, 110/3/60 15 amps
  • Custom lids to match roaster or filler
  • Easy installation, video tutorial


In preparation for your machine, we will need to know your specific situation. Be prepared to answer the following 3 questions:

  • What are you loading?
    • Whole beans
    • Grounds
    • Both

  • What do you want to load?
    • Roaster, what size
      • More or less than 25k
    • Weigh-fill, biggest bag you fill size
      • More or less than 2 lbs
    • Grinder, how many lbs p/hr are you grinding
      • More or less than 200 lbs p/hr
    • Other, what is it

  • Do you need a lid for your hopper?

    Call us and we'll walk you through this quick process to determine exactly what loader is perfect for your specific application.

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    Vacuum Chambers are Class 3A food-grade stainless steel

    Coffee Loader Vacuum Chamber

    Coffee loaders use vacuum chambers made with polished stainless steel that meets the Class 3A standard. You may not need that today but tomorrow you may want a certification that requires it. Class 3A means that it will be easy to clean with smooth edges that won’t trap material. The chambers clamp together making the easy to clean and point the inlet in any direction. They are also dust-free! Unlike other loaders, you will not get dust all over your roaster.

    RemoteVacs are quiet and easy to access

    Coffee Loader Remote Vac

    RemoteVacs are so quiet you may not know when they are running. They are on floor level, you won’t have to climb up on your roaster to clean the filter. When the filter bag is full, just put it in the trash. The filter bags are inexpensive. You will only need to change them a few times a year. They are very small, only 13 inches in diameter. You can hang it on a wall, out of the way. There is no need for special electrics, you can plug them into any wall socket. RemoteVacs are the best solution for coffee loaders.

    RemoteVac PLC Control

    Coffee Loader Remote  PLC Control

    The RemoteVac coffee loader control automatically keeps your hopper full. The magnet switch senses when you need more material then starts the loading process. Once the hopper is full it stops. Before each load, it pulses a short pulse of compressed air to clear any particles from the material valve. After each load, it pulses compressed air to keep the fines separator clean. Green bean software loads your roast with a single push of a button. When you are ready push the green button and the loader will automatically cycle as many times as needed to fill the roaster. It will not start again until you are ready.

    The fines separator helps remove fines from beans.

    Coffee Loader Fines Seperator

    RemoteVac coffee loaders have fines separator that allows fines and small particles to pass to the Vac removing them from the beans. The beans remain in the vacuum chamber. A fines separator requires little or no maintenance. Unlike a felt filter you will not need to climb up on the roaster to clean it. Some customers with felt filters claim they need to be cleaned every few hours.