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Smog Hog - MSH 11 - 2015 Model



Smog Hog - MSH 11 - 2015 Model


The Smog Hog is a self-contained unit which is a two-stage Penney-type electrostatic air cleaner.  It incorporates a centrifugal impeller type blower with permanently lubricated ball bearings and is direct driven by a totally enclosed air-cooled stator motor.  Airflow capacity is adjustable by means of a variable speed control dial.  A high voltage regulated switching (HVRS) power pack which provides up to 12 KVDC for ionizing a 6 KVDC for collection.  The power pack meets UL safety specs and is housed with an indicating lamp in an enclosure mounted on the component access door.  It features a uni cell (one-piece ionizer/cell) construction.  High voltage wiring is external to the air-stream.  The clean air exhaust is diffused vertically from the unit which is directed away from the worker. It includes an integral sump with a drain connection for runoff of collected liquid contaminants.  

Electrical is standard 115 V/60Hz

This was built for use with a 12 Kilo Diedrich roaster, however, it was never used.