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Cupping Bowls




Traditional 3" diameter cupping bowls available in heavy glass or porcelain. Made for cupping standards - estimate at 7 to 8 oz capacity.

Glass or Porcelain

Purchase by multiples of 3 dozen - glass or porcelain. 

Glass Specifications

7 oz.Fully Tempered Glass

Dimensions: Base: 2.125" | Top: 3" | Height: 3.0625"

Custom Adhesive Dome

Put Your Logo on Cupping Bowls & Spoons with Custom Adhesive Dome Labels! Vinyl Labels with permanent adhesive are dishwasher-safe (waterproof, rust-proof, & scratch/fade/salt/dirt/chemical resistant) so they can go on almost anything.

Available in 4 different shapes and sizes.  

Call for Quote on labels