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Ditting KFA1403 Industrial Grinder


The trend is moving clearly towards customer-specific coffee blends ground in small quantities. This fact requires above-average flexibility from you. Large, industrial-type grinders cannot handle this task quickly and efficiently. That is why the KFA1403 is the machine for you. It is fitted with a 22lb capacity hopper, features a special device that regulates the inflow of beans, and has an outlet extension tube. Produces 360 lbs per hour.

For small- to medium-sized roasters looking for an industrial-sized grinder for high volume and speed, Ditting's special model KFA1403 (with accessories) is a great alternative to the larger KF1800 model.

If you are considering a KF1800, here are some options that using two KFA1403 grinders may provide:
  • Two KFA1403 units are just under the price of one KF1800 unit and can provide the same output.
  • Offers flexibility in grinding: allows you to grind smaller volumes for two separate customers at two different grind settings simultaneously (when using two units).
  • Provides a back-up grinder during maintenance periods.
  • Easy to move to a new location should business needs change.
  • If you will be grinding a large volume of Turkish coffee, the KFA1403 will be a better fit.