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Food-Grade Drum Mixers for Roasted Whole Bean Coffee - New

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This Patented Design Food-Grade Flavor Mixer is Ideal for Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

Here's a food-grade drum mixer that is very gentle on the bean resulting in virtually zero breakage. Because these are food-grade drums you get the flexibility to use either removable food-grade plastic drum liners (55 gallons) or 204 SS drums.

Made in the USA. Manufacturing time varies, typically less than 4 weeks. Made on Demand to your specifications.

Choice of Action

Single Action:

  • No paddles on this inside of the drum.
  • Drum reverses rotation direction after 5-6 rotations.
  • Gives you complete blending

Double Action:

  • Moving paddles on inside of the drum.
  • Rotate twice the speed of the drum in opposite direction.
  • Like having 2 mixers running at the same time.
  • $1,800 add-on.

They all have soft variable drum speed with both ends that open for easy cleaning. The 110 & 200 gallon are 240V.


  • Lift table (see picture).
  • Central or spray systems for flavoring.
  • Fully customizable for about any application!
  • Call for quoting these options.

Despite the gentle handling, complete blending can be completed in just 1-2 minutes!


  • 55 gallons = 3.5 cubic feet ~75 lbs whole bean roasted coffee
  • 110 gallon = 7 cubic feet ~ 150 lbs whole bean roasted coffee
  • 200 gallon = 14 cubic feet ~ 300 lbs whole bean roasted coffee
  • Custom sizes from 5 gallon to 2,600 gallons!
CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting one of these to your roastery!

Crating & Shipping not included in the listed price.