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Green Coffee Individual 8" Sieve

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This product item provides individual sizing numbers. You select EACH size number you want to order. Each size is 8 inch round diameter. Height is full height 2 inch-length inside top to screen. *Half-height of 1 inch available upon request, Stainless steel rim with stainless steel plate.

Analyze Green Coffee Beans

The sieves are used to analyze the green coffee beans. Sieves are made with stainless steel both sieve screen and its rim. The coffee standards are calculated in 64th holdings ranging from holing size 8 to 20 for clear international understanding. (For example, 8/64 holing means each holing diameter is sized with ratio 1/8. Size 20/64 means each diameter is 3.20.)

Sieves can be purchased in packages

You may want to consider the purchase with a shaker so that the sizing can be analyzed in various sizes at the same time.