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Horizontal Packing Machine SK-250 - NEW


  • Touch screen controller for bag length , high speed+efficiency
  • Photocell tracking technology ,digital touch screen input, precise sealing and cutting film
  • Self diagnosis when stoppage appears, alarm and display
  • Adjustable constant-temperature ,intelligent controlling.
  • Controlled by double frequency controller ,bag length can be set one action, saving time
  • No sticking knifes and no waste film
  • Gas injection into capsules sachets(optional)

Voltage AC 220V/50Hz

Power 2.4KW

Film width Max: 250mm

Bag Length Max: 280mm

Product Height Max: 60mm

Roll Film Diameter Max: 320mm

Capacity 40~230Bags/min

Overall Dimension 3770×670×1450mm

Gross Weight 300kg