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iFill K-Cup All in One Sealer Model 7000XP




Now with a digital touch-screen!  A factory rep will be on hand to assist with install and training as this is built into the cost. US Based, iFill International Headquarters is located in Vancouver (Portland Airport) Oregon. A family owned business with several engineers doing all sorts of products and advanced development in the food serving industry. These machines come with a full one year warranty that can be extended up to 10 years of security and peace of mind.

Expandable upgrades possible . . . in the event that you are starting small and getting larger. After all, this group is a printing company that happens to have a machine, instead of the other way around.

Want to Color Coordinate the K-Cups? Not a problem with an order of 250,000 cup systems in each color . . . nice feature, but you may do the same with with lid identity as well.

  • Speed Up to 3,600 pods/hour (7.5 million/year) Uses & Fill Weights Instant digital adjustments » Coffee up to 18.0 grams depending on grind and roast level » Tea/Chi/Matcha up to 8.0 grams » Cocoa/Latte/Mocha/Apple Cider up to 30.0 grams
  • Hopper Capacity 15 lb. included Optional 35 or 40 lbs. Space 24”W x 36”D x 60”H
  • Power 110V Electricity
  • Machine Stainless steel exterior Red or black finish options Pods 100% recyclable materials