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iFill K-Cup All-in-One System Model 800




Now with a digital touch-screen!  A factory rep will be on hand to assist with install and training as this is built into the cost. US Based, iFill International Headquarters is located in Vancouver (Portland Airport) Oregon. A family owned business with 20 some engineers doing all sorts of products and advanced development in the food serving industry. These are the same folks that developed the first single serve machines for Sara Lee and Phillips (see video of such on their web site) some 10 years ago. These machines come with a full one year warranty that can be extended up to 10 years of security and peace of mind.

Expandable upgrades possible . . . in the event that you are starting small and getting larger. After all, this group is a printing company that happens to have a machine, instead of the other way around.

Want to Color Coordinate the k-cups? Not a problem with an order of 250,000 cup systems in each color . . . nice feature, but you may do the same with with lid identity as well.

Larger inlet hoppers or feed from your own silo system.

Stating is easy with 50% down (balance upon delivery) making this less of a drain on your cash. Total Recycle of all parts or as a whole. Good news to be earth friendly.

Factory Installation for models 7000 through 9000 and available even for the 800 series, although the video installation is pretty clear and straight forward. This especially applies to the Nitrogen back flush installation and balancing. Less than 2% oxygen remaining in k-cup . . . with nitrogen injection in hopper, within interior chamber with an air foil curtain for oxygen elimination during loading procedures. We are talking about super freshness factor.


  • Plug & Play– Plugs into any 110V outlet and it’s ready to produce. No noisy air compressor or expensive remodeling/plumbing required.
  • So Compact– Fits next to your existing roaster
  • So Automated– One person can roast & fill at the same time.
  • AutoClean– Can be set up & Auto Cleaned in a minute. No need to purge.No coffee waste.


Three (3) bodies allowing for 6 models . . . custom design to match your production speed and needs:

Model 800:          800 cups per hour
Dimensions: 14″ W x 24″D x 28″H.
Power Need: 110V Electricity; 0.4 Kilo-watts; 55HZ.
Hopper Capacity: 3 LBS, enough for about 120 pods before the need for refilling. The hopper can be customized to hold 5 or 10 LBS allowing you to produce about 200 to 400 pods before refilling.

Cup Pricing Note: Due to the unique method of the iFill system . . . remember they are a massive printing company that has machinery instead of the other way around. The actual cup pricing will end up being the least expensive by the end of the year - due to the huge labor savings . . . and when we discuss your needs the prices we give at that time will be for your box, all printing, lid printing as well as the cup itself. Prices vary radically especially in the higher numbers.