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K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Brewer - iFill360

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Get Your Single-Serve K-Cup Compact Coffee Brewer

With the most compact design in the market, the iFill K-Cup Brewer is perfect for homes, dorm rooms, and apartments.

  • Designed to work with ANY K-Cup or iFill Cup
  • Optimal brewing time and temperature for the richest brew
  • Choice of cup sizes from a 2 oz. espresso up to a super large 16 oz. mug of coffee or tea
  • Brews not only iced coffee and tea but also iced latte and mocha
  • The iFill Cup System takes all of the critical extraction points into consideration. The iFill Cup Brewer will brew with 197 - 202-degree water. You can fit 15-16g of coffee (3T) into the iFill Cup. You can grind the coffee to a Med/Fine grind right before you brew instead of 6-12 months typical of K-cup capsules.
  • The patented designed cup and brewing technology evenly soaks the coffee for optimal contact time. FINALLY, I can have a GOOD K-cup coffee that is FRESH!
  • Optimal brewing temperature (195 to 205degF) for the richest brew.
  • Jet Brewing Technology.

The Most Compact Design in the Market

The iFill Cup Brewer is perfect for homes, dorm rooms, and apartments. Even at the office, specialty coffee is in! Whether in the break room or on your desk, you can get the best brew all day long!


  • Voltage: 120 V,60 Hz
  • Power: 800W; 3 Prong Plug
  • Reservoir Capacity: Maximum 15oz (444cc)
  • Product Size: 4.3" W x  7.5" D x 9.8" H (110mm W x 191mm D x 251 mm H)
  • Product Net weight: 2.2 LB (1.0Kg)
  • Designed to work with ANY K-Cup or iFill Cup.
  • The Water Tank made from BPA-free material.
  • Certified for safety by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).