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K-Cup Sealer for 4, 6, or 12 Pods - Model SA-4, SA-6, SA-12 - New



Automated K-Cup Sealing Machine

This K-Cup / Nespresso Capsule sealing machine uses a heat and pressure sealing process. The sealing temperature is 266 - 572 °F. Powered by 110v / 60Hz @ 600W. This sealing machine works very well for packaging coffee, tea, dairy products, snack, rice, flour, etc. 

This is a perfect one-stop solution for coffee cup starters. This is an ideal equipment for small-scale productions, different coffee flavor testing, shelf life testing, new items promotion, market research, etc. 

NOTE: Choose your cup quantity size above the amber "add to cart" button.


  • SA-4 Up to 600 cups/capsule seals per hour
  • SA-6 up to 800 cups per hour
  • SA-12 up to cups1200 hour
  • K-Cup or Nespresso packaging
  • Brand Components
  • One Year Warranty

This semi-automatic K-Cup / Nespresso sealing machine has a stainless steel frame and utilizes well-known electrical components, boasting advanced quick-sealing technologies.

Optional Nespresso Tray.

4 Capsule tray $240
6 Capsule tray $320
12 Capsule tray $400


Default K-Cup Outer Diameter 51mm
Default K-Cup Neck Diameter 45.5mm
Default K-Cup Foil Lid Diameter 51.5-51.7
Sealing Time 2.5 seconds
Sealing Temperature 266 - 572 °F
Power 110v / 60 Hz / 600w