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Logical Model S-4 Semi-Automatic Scale System 2023

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Model S-4 Semi-Automatic Scale System 2023

If you're looking to automate your business, here's a great first step. The S-4 machine allows you to place your bulk product in the supply hopper, which is located at the top of the machine. An electromagnetic vibratory feeder is used to move the product from the supply hopper to the weigh hopper, where it is accurately weighed.

Once the target weight is reached, the feeder stops and the weigh hopper opens automatically or with the footswitch to dump your product into your container. The machine will then start a new fill cycle and your filled bag may be sealed.

For instance, if you want to run a relatively free-flowing product into a 1lb package, you can load the product into the hopper and set the total weight at 1lb. After starting the first fill cycle with the foot pedal, the machine will automatically switch into "learn mode" for the first cycle. During this time, the machine tests the flow characteristics of the product and decides the best speeds and durations for bulk and dribble.

The controller will automatically change the vibratory feed from bulk to dribble and stop the scale at 1lb. The bag is then removed and sealed. Each successive container can be filled by placing it under the funnel and depressing the foot pedal.

Some additional technical details of the machine are that it reads out to 1 gram or 0.001 lb, has a footprint of 4.6 sq ft, and a height of 68". It operates on 120V and 60 Hz and can fill up to 800 containers per hour. Additionally, the package includes a California Tools 1-gallon air compressor and accessories.

What's Included: 

  • 1Model S-4 Semi-Automatic Scale System
  • 1 Large Weigh Hopper
  • 1 Large Standard Discharge Funnel 
  • 1 Fill Spout 1 1/2" & an additional Fill Spout 3"
  • CALIFORNIA  AIR TOOLS CAT-1P1060SP GAL 56DB Air Compressor



CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Northwest, USA
LAST USED: May / 2023
MAX BTUs: 50,000
POWER: 110 Volt/120 Hz, Single Phase
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: S-4 Semi Auto Scale System, 1 lg weight hopper, 1 lg standard discharge funnel, 1 fill spout 1 1/2" & additional fill spout 3", California Air Tools Cat compressor
DIMS/WEIGHT 22x30x68"