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Modular Cluster Storage Silos

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Totally modular--you bolt it together on site! Designed for complete gentle handling of Green and Roast whole coffee beans. Same design for green as roast with one exception: an interior bean ladder slides the coffee to the bottom gently in order to preserve the delicate whole bean structure. An air-veyor (separate purchase) slides under the silo to receive the measured amounts of coffee and sends it away to your roaster. Most current model roasters have an on board Digital Controller that can manage your coffee formulas from this silo directly to the roaster. Discharge area and air-veyor can be cut into the floor for added capacity. Same concept with the receiving cyclone and distributor can be placed between your rafters in order to create a greater sidewall height. Heres your job: Determine the height from floor to ceiling Deduct 10 feet Simple! Then you will have the approximate sidewall height in which to calculate your coffee bean storage As a rule of thumb, you will be able to store a container of coffee (or more) in this square footprint--completely moisture stabilized.