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MPE Coffee Grinder GPC-140 75lb


2017 Industrial grinder in excellent condition.  Comes with all original manuals. Also comes with Hopper Magnet, Spare GPC-140 grinding disc's, Coffee collector container with matching metal piece. All extra's are a $1,500 value.  

The Model GPC-140 is an industrial disc-style grinder designed to run continuously and deliver a superior coffee grind. The GPC-140 uses 7.1 inch diameter “diamond hard” grinding discs that are precision-cut to optimize cutting action with infinite adjustment control, resulting in a cool, uniform coffee grind for optimal brew performance.

  • Designed for fast and easy clean-out
  • Simple maintenance and operation
  • Specially-engineered discs for optimal grind uniformity and minimal heat
  • Sharp teeth and ultra-hard metal alloys for performance and disc longevity
  • 75 lb hopper (carbon steel)