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Nespresso Automatic Sealer SX-6



Automatic Sealer for Nespresso

This machine features a sturdy stainless steel frame and quality electrical components.  Uses advanced sealing technology for quick sealing. The finished capsules work with Nespresso machines. (If aluminum capsules required, you need a different sealer)

There is also a manual version available

View it here: Nespresso Manual Sealer SS-6.


  • Default Capsule Outer diameter: 1.45" (37 mm)
  • Default Capsule Foil Lid Diameter: 1.45" (37 mm)
  • Cavity number: 6
  • Sealing method: Auto Heat Sealing Sealing
  • Speed: 2000 pcs/hr
  • Sealing Time: 1.2 secs
  • Sealing temperature: 130-300degC
  • Power: 110 V 50/60 Hz 300 W
  • Dimension: 15.8" x 9.9" x 19.3" (45 cm x 31cm x 57cm )
  • Gross Weight: 32kg 72 lbs


The default diameter of capsule and foil lid used in our machine are (1.45") 37mm. If your capsule is another size, please let us know.

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Parts - and there is good support in problem solving and instructions.

FILLING BOARD NOTE: You cannot use the K-cup filling machine to fill Nespresso pods.