Nespresso Capsule Supply Kit


Get this Capsule Supply Kit for Nespresso

The finished capsules can work with all Nespresso machine.

Capacity per capsule is 5.0 -5.5 grams.  Granule size affects capacity as well as a desire for strength of coffee taste.

Set Includes

Capsule and Foil Lid

Nespresso Supplies with Lids

5,000 set of cups, and lids $435.00

10,000 sets $385.00

50,000 sets $2315.00

100,000 sets $3590.00 Nespresso Supplies without Lids

We can provide printing for lids

5000 sets of cups $390.00

10,000 sets of cups $355.00

50,000 sets of cups $2250.00

100,000 sets of cups $3550.00 Please

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