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The DeStoner - Portable, Fluid Bed Destoner - NEW



Made in the USA

Protect Your Beans With This Portable Destoner

Constructed with stainless steel and able to run up to 2000 lbs an hour, this portable destoner removes even the smallest stones & dense particles for light, medium and dark roasts.  The large size hopper will hold more than 30lbs!

How Destoning Works

Using the process of fluidization, the destoner separates stones and other objects that are denser than the beans. The beans float across a bed of air that is not strong enough to lift objects that are denser than the beans.

Variable Airflow Controls

Adjusting the airflow can fine-tune the separation and change the rate in which the beans flow over the bed. In general, less air will slow the rate of the beans and separate out smaller stones and other objects that are close to the density of the beans. As a general rule, it is better to run the destoner as slow as possible.

A Simple Fluid Bed Design

Roasted beans pass over the fluid bed leaving stones, glass, metal, and other dense objects behind. The unique design can run up to 2000 pounds per hour.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to clean the Destoner!


You can hand fill the Destoner mounted on a bench or on a stand. The large funnel makes it easy to fill without spilling the beans.