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120 kilo: Probat Roaster Rebuilt 2019/20

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Technically this little beauty is in the process of being rebuilt in Europe by craftsman. The photographs show the Work In Progress.

The rebuild should be completely ready for shipping at the end of January (2020).  There is the opportunity to have this machine setup for either Europe/ROW (50Hz) or the America (60Hz) and either Natural gas or propane.

Current Status: Sandblasted the roaster, repainted with thermal paint, installed new insulation, installed new drum cover, built a new burner chamber (with new insulation). We also have all the motors in the workshop. the cooling chamber is also almost ready

What remains to be done: install pneumatics, make an electrical cabinet and finish the control panel. Paint the parts that need to be powder-coated (the customer chooses the color), make the cyclone, destoner, and green coffee loader. We also need to install new wiring and program the PLC.

The price shown is for a fully refurbished roaster with PLC, profiling, touchscreen, cyclone, destoner, green coffee loader, pneumatics, Weishaupt burner (we need to know the gas and country )

 Delivery term: cca end of January