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Probat P12-2 Roaster - 2017 - Excellent Condition - Used

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 Probat P12-2 Roaster - 2017 - Excellent Condition - Used

The P series Probat P12-2 was designed to be user-friendly and precise, delivering perfect roast results. Intuitive to use, easy for beginners to learn. Experts still have configuration options for delving deeper into the roaster, offering even more scope for individualization.
Roaster Exhaust System and Roaster Control Unit for manual operation 
included. A new burner & automatic firing unit were installed by Probat. A new drum motor was installed by Probat and two new pressure monitors. New Roasting Fan Unit. Complete tune-up & cleaning performed by Probat in 2022, thoroughly cleaned roasting fan, pipes & cooling tray.

"Unlock the Full Flavor Potential with the Probat P12-2 Coffee Roaster!

Looking to elevate your coffee roasting game? Look no further than our Probat P12-2 coffee roaster, a true gem in excellent condition. With a robust 12-kilo (25 lbs) capacity, this machine is ready to meet the demands of your coffee business.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Roasting: The Probat P12-2 is renowned for its precise roasting capabilities. Whether you're roasting for espresso, filter, or specialty blends, you can trust this machine to bring out the full flavor potential of your beans.

  2. Data Logging: Take control of your roasting process with integrated data logging. Seamlessly connect with Cropster and Artisan software to monitor and analyze every roast. This ensures consistent quality and gives you the insights you need to fine-tune your profiles.

  3. Excellent Condition: We take pride in offering you a Probat P12-2 that's in top-notch condition. You can rely on its durability and performance for years to come.

  4. Versatile Capacity: With a 12-kilo (25 lbs) capacity, this roaster allows you to handle various batch sizes and experiment with different beans, offering the flexibility your business needs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your coffee roasting to the next level with this Probat P12-2. Elevate your quality, consistency, and efficiency – all in one exceptional machine.

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Midwestern USA
LAST USED: September / 2023

Full Factory Cleaning & Service 2022 / Regular Maintenace since


Natural Gas
POWER:  110/120v

Roaster 76" L x 42" W x 77" H - 946 lbs


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