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Rovema VPI-260 - Vertical Form Fill and Seal - 2006 - Used



Rovema VPI-260 - Vertical Form Fill and Seal - 2006 - Used


Description: Up for sale is a well-maintained 2006 Rovema VPI-260 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Bagging Machine, specifically designed for coffee packaging. This machine is in excellent condition and ready to boost your coffee production with precision and efficiency. 


  • Valve Applicator
  • 2 printers
  • Nitrogen flush
  • 2 bag formers
  • Flexicon loader

Key Features:

  • Servo drive for cross-sealing jaws
  • Stroke, sealing time, and pressure are adjustable via the operator interface
  • Maintenance-free servo drives for film transport
  • Film roll capacity up to 600 mm diameter (23.64”). Standard rolls have a 3” core.
  • Simple, fast size change
  • Easy changeovers from pillow to flat bottom style bags
  • Full film feed carriage extending from the film roll to the forming collar for quick lateral positioning of the web
  • Automatic film feed belt wear adjustment for maintaining correct setting to the forming tube flats
  • Vacuum assist film drive belts with Piab Pump
  • Operator interface is a color touchscreen
  • Easy access frame design for inspection
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix processor with an interface to Allen Bradley Ultra 3000 servo drives
  • Air service unit
  • Air cooling for cross seals
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 operator interface with Ethernet communication to ControlLogix.
  • Electrical synchronization to a ROVEMA SDX-75 auger
  • Top plate to mount auger filler
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Manual splice table
  • Power unwind unit
  • Forming set to produce a 110 mm (4.33”) flat bag width pillow style bag with center fin seal. Includes a 60° forming collar, round forming tube, and wire spreaders for pillow-style bags. (NOTE: Customer to confirm bag size.)
  • Forming set to produce a 140 mm (9.85”) flat bag width flat bottom style bag with center fin seal and the special ROVEMA Stabilo Seal. Includes a Stabilo forming collar and rectangular forming tube for flat bottom style bags with special ROVEMA Stabilo Seal
  • Electrical synchronization and film routing frame to integrate a code dater
  • Markem 9880 Intermittent Hot Melt Coder including model specific mounting brackets for printing on the front of the package
  • Markem SmartDate 5 Intermittent Motion Thermal Transfer Coder with model specific mounting brackets for printing a UPC
  • Composer software for Markem SmartDate Code Date units
  • EPI Model Flex-Pac Labeler to place a reclosure label on the back panel of the package
  • Bag Types: Standup pouches (6 - 12 OZ) with gas valve and 2-4 OZ pillow packs, 
  • Power: All-electric, 220-volt, 3-phase
  • Maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning, ensuring optimal performance

Why Choose the Rovema VP-260:

  • Versatile Bag Options: Whether you need standup pouches or pillow packs, this machine handles both, giving you flexibility in packaging.
  • Bag Styles: Pillow Style Bag with Center Fin Seal Direction of Overlap: Left over Right Serration: Horizontal Top and Bottom Seal Width: 14 mm (.55”)                 Flat Bottom Style Bag with Center Fin Seal and the special ROVEMA Stabilo Seal. Direction of Overlap: Left over Right Serration: Horizontal Top and Bottom Seal Width: 14 mm (.55”) 
  • Bag Sizes: Flat Bag Width: 110 mm (4.33”), Flat Bag Width: 140 mm (5.51”) Cross Section: 80 mm X 60 mm 
  • Gas Valve: Ideal for preserving the freshness of your coffee by allowing for the release of gas while maintaining an airtight seal.
  • High Production Rate: With a capacity of up to 35 bags per minute, you can meet the demands of your growing business.
  • Excellent Condition: This machine has been well taken care of and is in excellent working condition.
  • Efficient and All-Electric: Enjoy cost savings with an all-electric system and reliability in your packaging process.
  • Regular Maintenance: Rest easy knowing this machine has received regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure consistent performance.

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CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Southwestern USA
LAST USED: April/2023, Regular Scheduled Maintenance and Cleaning
FUEL: All Electric
POWER:  230 Volt / 3 Phase
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Valve Applicator, 2 printers, Nitrogen Flush, 2 Bag Formers, Flexicon Loader
BATCH SIZE: Makes 6 - 12 OZ standup pouches, with gas valve, and 2-4 OZ pillow packs up to 35 bags per minute.