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Sample Roaster: Used Probat 2 Barrel Gas BRZ2

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Used Probat 2 Barrel Gas BRZ2 Sample Roaster

This Probat 2 barrel roaster is slightly used for only a short time - made in 2016, installed in 2017 and used only occasionally then stopped being used early in 2018.  Ships immediately (just give a little time to build the crate).

Probat builds the toughest most easy to maintain sample roaster currently available in the world - traditional method, where you are using this roaster to make buying decisions for your coffee in a fast cupping comparison session.  It is not designed to develop roasting profiles - but to bring your coffee up to a "cupping" color (number) to set your sample side-by-side with others for making a choice for purchase of the coffee being sampled.  Remember, your broker will only be sending 300 grams of green coffee for you to make this decision.  This is a fast method of getting that coffee onto the table for comparison.  In a way, you are playing detective in looking for flaws so that you can accept or reject the offered coffee that either meets your standard of it doesn't.  This type roaster is not designed to roast coffee for sale to customers . . . only for comparative testing. 

Capacity per batch 2.8-3.5 oz/drum
Heat Type Gas
Voltage 110V / 10A or change the wiring configuration to 220 V / 3 amp 1
Gas Heat - 3,600 BTU/drum 3,600 BTU/drum
Height 22"
Width 19" - remember a 14" square space needed for sitting the chaff collector on the floor somewhere close
Depth 26"
Weight 260 lbs including the chaff collector assembly - call for shipping crate dims