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Sample Roaster - All Electric Ikawa Pro 50 - 2024 Model - Mint Condition - Used



Sample Roaster - All Electric Ikawa Pro 50 - 2024 Model - Mint Condition - Used

Seller Note - "10hrs total Roasting time, we need a larger Sample Roaster, we are including 6 Total Roasting Jars" 

The Ikawa Pro 50 is a sample roaster designed for coffee enthusiasts and professionals who want to take control of their coffee roasting experience. Here are some key details about the Ikawa Pro 50:

  1. Championship-Quality Roasts:

    • The Ikawa SR-50 is championship-tested and guaranteed to deliver excellent roast quality. It is designed to meet the standards of coffee experts, ensuring a premium roasting experience.
  2. Digital Precision:

    • Users have the ability to take full control of the roasting process with digital precision. The roaster allows you to design your own roast profile down to the exact second, ensuring that each batch meets your unique taste preferences.
  3. Hands-Free Roasting:

    • The Ikawa Pro 50 offers the convenience of hands-free roasting through its dedicated app. This feature eliminates the hassle of manual roasting, saving time and ensuring consistent results with each use.
  4. Portability:

    • The roaster is designed to be portable, allowing users to take their coffee roasting experience on the go. The included case adds to the convenience of traveling with the Ikawa SR-50.
  5. Consistency:

    • The Ikawa SR-50 guarantees consistency and repeatability in every roast. Users can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their coffee results will be predictable and of high quality.
  6. Compact Design, Powerful Performance:

    • Despite its small size, the Ikawa SR-50 packs a powerful punch. It provides professional-level roasting capabilities in a compact package, making it suitable for various settings.
  7. Join the Coffee Revolution:

    • Users are encouraged to join the ranks of coffee enthusiasts who have elevated their coffee experience with the Ikawa SR-50. The roaster promises a difference in flavor and quality, contributing to a coffee revolution.
  8. Craft Your Perfect Brew:

    • With the Ikawa SR-50, users can explore the world of coffee roasting and craft their perfect cup every time. The roaster empowers individuals to experiment with different roast profiles to achieve the desired flavor.
  9. Quality on Your Terms:

    • The Ikawa SR-50 is designed to give users control over their coffee journey. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this roaster allows you to create coffee that suits your specific taste preferences.
  10. Roasting Reinvented:

    • The Ikawa SR-50 promises a reinvented roasting experience, combining convenience and precision. Users are encouraged to revolutionize the way they roast and enjoy coffee.

Overall, the Ikawa Pro 50 aims to provide a high-quality and customizable coffee roasting experience for individuals who are passionate about their coffee.

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


LOCATION: Southwestern US
LAST USED: Never Used
LAST SERVICED: Cleaned and ready 
FUEL & POWER: 110 Volt, All Electric
CAPACITY: 50 grams
EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Roaster with Case, 4 EXTRA Roasting Jars 

12" L x 6" W x 10" H - 10 lbs