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Sample Roaster - Probat BRZ2 - 2015 Gas - Used

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Probat's 2 Barrel BRZ Sample Roaster - Gas

Here we go! Another roast master's dream SR machine! This is a 2015 model of Probat’s famed and timeless "SR" sample roaster. This one’s the 2 barrel version and fueled by natural gas. And it is clean, clean, clean!


Little bonus on this one: It was hardly used and 1 barrel looks like it may have never been used. Has primarily been in storage since purchase with the exception of around 1 year of minimal use. Very slight indentation on the top of left barrel cover, barely noticeable, otherwise perfect condition. (See picts)

Probat's BRZs come with an external blower-powered chaff collector. (Required to operate.)

Probat builds the toughest, most easy to maintain sample roaster currently available in the world. It's the traditional method, where you're using this roaster to make buying decisions for your coffee in a fast cupping comparison session.

The BRZ is particularly suitable for grading green bean quality, thus providing valuable support in quality control and production development processes.

It's design is to bring your coffee up to a "cupping" color (number) to set your sample side-by-side with others for making a choice for purchase of the coffee being sampled. This is a fast method of getting that coffee onto the table for comparison.

In a way, you’re playing detective looking for flaws so that you can accept or reject the sampled coffee that is required to meet your standard.

More from Probat's website on the BRZ - Click Here

These Probat SRs go FAST!

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0170 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price. 


CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Northeast Coast USA
ORIGINAL MANUALS: N/A Can be acquired online from Probat
BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
POWER: 110 Volt/60 Hz, Single Phase, 10amp
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Chaff Collector and Exhaust ducting as shown in picture
BATCH ROAST: 80-100 grams p/drum


19.7"x22"x26.4" (LxWxH) / 260 lbs.   



Since 1868, PROBAT has stood for pioneering solutions in the processing of coffee. They have become the world market leader in machinery and systems for the coffee and food industry. They boast consistently high-quality coffee, best life-cycle costs and performance, and individual

Probat's vision expresses what we plan to achieve over the coming years: Everyone, who wants to learn about roasting and processing coffee, asks PROBAT first.