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Sunyi SKP-1 Single Lane Nespresso Filling and Sealing Machine

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Sunyi SKP-1 Single Lane Nespresso Filling and Sealing Machine






2020 model is in excellent condition, having only approximately 20,000 Nespresso pods run through it.  Unfortunately, the seller couldn't find a market for Nespresso pods in his area. The good news is that for approximately $4000, you can convert this machine to run K-Cups. 

The aluminum Nespresso capsules have to be used with vertical type capsules loading system; A separating device will divide the piled capsules stack and a small sucker will suck down the capsules into the machine capsule molds.

With a capsule detection sensor and foreign body detection eye sensor, no capsules, no filling, and no sealing; If there's a foreign body on the molds, the machine will stop.

World brand Schneider electric components, which ensures stable working performance and accuracy.

World brand pneumatic components, SMC, AirTac, which make sure the mechanical parts work smoothly.

Servo auger screw powder dosing system to control the filling accuracy.

Tune the fork level sensor to detect the powder inside the hopper, no powder, then pump the powder automatically through the vacuum powder feeding machine.

After filling the powder inside the capsule, a powder press device will tampe and rotate the powder. Meanwhile, a vacuum device will suck up to clean the capsule's top rim for a better and flat sealing effect.

With Pre-cut Lids feeding station to pick up and place the lids onto the capsules, if no lids on the capsule, then no sealing and will be rejected automatically with the help of the lids detection sensor.

Premium brass heat sealing station to seal the lids onto the capsule tightly; the sealing pressure can be adjustable for different capsules.

With a swing robot arm to discharge the finished capsule out of the molds.

Nitrogen Injection system, which creates a sufficient Nitrogen environment to make sure the whole filling sealing stations are under Nitrogen circumstance, which is beneficial to prolonging the coffee shelf life and keeping the powder fresh.

Machine Speed:
50 cups per min
Power Source:
1 phs, 220V/60HZ
Power :
Air pressure:
Air consumption:
Nitrogen Consumption: 
Working Temperature:
Machine size:
600KG (1323 lbs)

 All equipment is sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.