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Upgrade Kit for Pre-2014 Sonofresco Systems




This upgrade kit will allow you to use Sonofresco ADR's profile roaster system on your older model Sonofresco Roasters. Note - this is an electronic upgrade for 2013 earlier models. It will not change the variable air-flow - only the electronics. This upgrade kit is for both 1 lb and 2lb models made in 2013 or earlier.

Click and Drag

The Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) software package creates the ability to design multiple time-temperature roasting profiles using on-screen click and drag and to specify degrees of roast on a laptop computer. Up to 6 different profiles can be downloaded and stored on the Sonofresco Roaster Control by Bluetooth. The desired roast profile and degree of roast are selected before pushing the start roast button. As the roast develops the actual roast temperature is traced on the computer screen against the selected profile.

This upgrade has the following key features

  • Profile controlled - built-in programmable chip so that each milestone on the control profile can be moved up or down or to the right or the left. Even the speed of the ramp changes - it's all able to be programmed into the chip by the actual operator.
  • You can also run the roaster with your PC with the roaster running right next to it so you can see live responses in the profile curve and make permanent adjustments. You can make the program as custom as you want to make it. Anytime you want to watch what's going on, you turn on your computer and it will follow and track your roaster.
  • When you've done all your work, you can download 6 programs into the physical programmer on the roaster. Once the program is complete, the program switches to cooling and you no longer have any options because cooling is not controlled.

Steps to Using the ADR Software with a Sonofresco Roaster

  • Download software from CD and select license.
  • Use the ADR software to design your own custom profiles by click and drag the profile points.
  • Store unlimited roast profiles on your computer.
  • Wirelessly download up to 6 selected roast profiles to the 1-lb or 2-lb Sonofresco Coffee Roaster. (The Sonofresco Default Profile will always be stored on the Roaster.) Select roast profile and degree of roast setting on your Sonofresco Roaster control board prior to the start of each roast.
  • Monitor the roast cycle on your computer. (See image above: the red line indicates the actual roast temperature and how closely the roaster followed your selected roast profile. The blue dot indicates the end of the roast and the start of cooling.)
  • The profile and trace along with notes about the coffee and roasting conditions can be saved and printed for future reference.
  • The software package contains the Sonofresco Default profile used on all Sonofresco Roasters along with 2 slower/lighter profiles designed for low and high-density beans, and suitable for sample roasting.
  • Sonofresco Coffee Roaster maintains push-button simplicity with this exciting new software application. Roaster follows selected profile, cut-off temperature, and automatically shuts down on completion.
  • All 2014 Sonofresco roasters can specify either the ADR control package or the standard control. Upgrade ADR kits are available for all pre-2014 model roasters. (The kit includes new control board, new stainless steel temperature sensor, Bluetooth board, and software CD and license).
View of ADR's Computer Screen Sonofresco is now UL for both Safety and Sanitary.