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Diedrich Afterburner for IR-3 - 2003 Model - Very Good Condition - Used



Diedrich Afterburner for IR-3 - 2003 Model - Very Good Condition - Used

Made In USA

This 2003 Diedrich Afterburner, compatible with the IR-3 roaster, is now available. It has been carefully stored in a dry and cool environment for the past three years, ensuring its excellent condition and full operational capability. Rest assured, there are no issues or problems with this equipment.

If you own a Diedrich IR-3 roaster, this Afterburner is ready to seamlessly connect to it, enhancing your roasting setup. Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your roasting capabilities with a reliable and well-maintained Afterburner.

For more details or to arrange a purchase, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to assisting you with this valuable addition to your coffee roasting equipment."

    CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

    All roastery equipment is sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price. 

    CONDITION: Very Good
    LOCATION: Southern USA
    YEAR BUILT: 2003
    LAST USED: July 2020
    LAST SERVICE: Serviced before Storage
    BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
    POWER: 110/120v
    EQUIPMENT DIMENSION: 24"L x 34"W x 64"H - 200 lbs