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Used Moisture Register Products GD9 Moisture Tester

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Used Moisture Tester (Also Called Water Activity Meter)

Especially designed for green and roasted whole bean coffee.This unit was sent out to an almond grower as a test and being designed specifically for coffee it just didn't work. So now we want to get it out again into the coffee industry only.

Dimensions:  4" x 10" x 4"

Weight: 5 lbs + probe

The Model DG9 offers flexibility and adaptability for almost any moisture application. This instrument uses digital microcomputer circuitry to provide fast, accurate and reliable non-destructive moisture measurement for many products. The Model DG9 may be used for comparative testing without calibration or to determine the actual percentage of moisture after calibration. The Model DG9 will hold 100 different calibration curves. These curves are stored in permanent memory in tables 00 through 99. A fully discharged battery will not cause data in the table to be lost. The DG9 can test materials with a fairly constant bulk density and a consistent change of radio frequency properties with change in moisture content. These materials include semisolids; powdered, granular, textile materials; pliable sheets in rolls or stacks, chips, chunks or flakes.Operating on the radio frequency power loss absorption principle, which is a patented feature of Moisture Register Products, the DG9 projects an RF field into the test area. This RF field extends approximately three inches surrounding DG9's electrode needles.Any material containing moisture will absorb part of this RF energy current and cause a change in the meter readings. When calibrated to the material being tested, the meter reading is in direct moisture content.The DG9 consists of a needle electrode assembly, which connects to a sensitivity module, which is connected to the meter by a three foot cable. The molded plastic handle contains a spring loaded switch bar for momentary testing, while the On-Off switch permits a series of tests.Tests can be made by inserting the needles directly through a sack, or between layers of paper or other stacks of soft material. Greater accuracy is achieved by measuring a large volume of sample.The Model DG9 is furnished with the proper sensitivity modules which are pre-selected to cover the desired range of moisture contents for the material being tested. Any of 12 modules can be added as use of the instrument is extended to new material and ranges.