Used MPE 600 FX Coffee Granulizer (Grinder)

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50 hours of actual use . . . this is an incredible opportunity!

This 600FX (Current Model) MPE Roller Mill is about the most "un-used" roller mill we have ever listed. When this was installed new, it was for only customer needing a precision grind of 150 pounds per month - and that is all it has ever had until last year when even that account was no more - so it was simply turned off and never used any more. We looked at the rolls and even they still look spotless and new. There was a custom 75# hopper built for this machine as you can see.


  • Variable Speed Power Feeder
  • Infinite Roll Gap Adjustment
  • Rugged Construction and Spring-mounted Rolls
  • Roll Surface Options and Precision Tolerances 
  • Integrated Normalizer with Density Control and Chaff Reduction
  • Extreme Hardness Roll Coatings
  • High Torque Drive Belt for quiet, low-maintenance operation
  • Semi-automatic Control System
  • Integrated Magnet and Pneumatic Slide Gate
  • Feed Hopper
  • Stainless Steel or Electroless Nickel Construction
  • Gas-Tight or Hermetically-Sealed Design Specifications


  • Espresso (200 450 um): Up to 550 lbs/hr. (250 kg/hr.)
  • Filter (500 1,000 um): Up to 1,000 lbs/hr. (450 kg/hr.)
  • CAPACITY: Up to 1,000 lbs/hr. (450 kg/hr.)
  • SECTIONS: 2 ROLL SIZE: 6 x 8 inches [152 x 203 mm]
  • POWER: 10 HP [7.5 kw] 50 or 60 Hz Y
  • YEAR: Actual purchase date was July of 2003 . . . but still only slightly used and still current model