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Probat BRZ-2 Sample Roaster - 2013 Model - Excellent Condition - Used



Probat BRZ-2 Sample Roaster - 2013 Model - Excellent Condition - Used

Discover Excellence in Coffee Sampling

If you're serious about coffee quality and want the best tool for the job, look no further. We have a Probat BRZ-2 Sample Roaster, a 2013 model, in exceptional condition, waiting to elevate your coffee game.

Why Probat?

Probat is renowned for building sample roasters that are not only rugged but also incredibly easy to maintain. Our 2013 BRZ-2 model is no exception, providing the most reliable solution for your coffee sampling needs.

The Art of Coffee Selection

With the Probat BRZ-2, you're embracing the traditional approach of making crucial buying decisions. This sample roaster empowers you to conduct fast cupping comparison sessions, where you bring your coffee up to a "cupping" color. This is the first step in the journey to selecting the finest beans.

Why BRZ-2?

The BRZ-2 is particularly well-suited for grading green bean quality, making it an invaluable tool in quality control and production development processes. It allows you to assess the beans quickly, side-by-side with others, ensuring you make the right choice for your coffee purchase.

The Detective's Tool

Think of yourself as a coffee detective when using the BRZ-2. Your mission is to identify any flaws, so you can confidently accept or reject the sampled coffee. This meticulous process ensures that the coffee you select meets your high standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Voltage: 110/120 volts
  • Lightly Used
  • Regularly Maintained

Don't miss this opportunity to own a Probat BRZ-2 Sample Roaster in excellent condition.  Upgrade your coffee selection process and make more informed decisions. Contact us today for more information!

 CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price. 


CONDITION: Excellent
LAST USED: July 2023
LAST SERVICE: Regular Maintenace
ORIGINAL MANUALS: Can be acquired online from Probat
BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
POWER: 110/120v
BATCH ROAST: 80-100 grams per/drum


19.7"L x 22W" x 26.4"H  Weight 260 lbs.