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Net Weigh Filler



Net Weigh Filler - New

This is the logical solution to a net weigh filler designed to accurately dispense precise weights from 1 oz. to 5 lbs. (2.5 kg) of roasted coffee. This unit consists of

  • Standard 2.0 cu. foot hopper
    • 3.5 cu foot hopper available - will make the unit 8" taller
  • 5" wide pan and with vibratory speed control
  • 5 lb. weigh bucket (roasted whole bean)

This unit requires no air and is available in standard 120V electric, Accurate to +/- 1% of an ounce at speeds up to 800 fills per hour.

Choose from one or two lane configurations.

Available options include

  • Electric dribble feed gate
  • Hopper cover
  • Variety of bag filling options

Important information: this is all stainless steel including the frame.  This unit comes standard with locking casters at no additional charge.  

OPTIONS - call for details and clarity

  • Available in 1 or 2 lanes
  • Up to 800 or 1600 fills/hour (depending on number of lanes)
  • Your choice 2.0 cu ft hopper or optional 3.5 cu ft hopper.
  • 6 cu ft hopper is standard on the 2 lane machine.
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Casters for no extra charge.
  • Stepper motor driven weigh bucket
  • 5" wide vibratory feeder trough/pan
  • Automatic tare adjustment
  • Self-adjusting bulk and dribble speed control
  • Color touch screen HMI
  • 120 V and no pneumatic requirement for operation
  • Foot pedal initiation
  • Additional $450 crating charge