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CoffeeTec's A-MAY-ZING Roaster Crate + Freight Sale!

You know that coffee roaster or equipment you’ve got your eye on?

May is THE MONTH to buy it.

Why? Because we’re going to help you and share in the costs with crate + freight on any roaster you purchase from our inventory in May.

You heard it right: FOR MAY ONLY, we'll provide 15% OFF crate + freight on all roasters.

We know crating and freighting costs have skyrocketed due to pandemic supply chain issues, so we’re helping out. A 5-kilo roaster used to cost around $600 for crate + freight. Now, it can run more than double at around $1500+. No joke. Crate + freight for a 12-kilo to 15-kilo roaster can cost upwards of $4,000. 

We’re shaking our heads just as much as you are!

Hopefully, our help can get you the roaster of your dreams.


Call sales at 800-999-1600. We’ll make sure you get the 15% off your roaster’s crate and freight.

Start shopping our roaster inventory: