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22 kilo Probat UG22 - Full Refurb 2015 - With Afterburner Option- Used



Fully Refurbished UG22 Package

Roaster, PLC, Cyclone
Optional Afterburner & Stack

Check this one out. Clean and ready to roast. This originally is a 1958 Probat UG22 roaster - but don't let that fool you. Probat UG series are known for very unique feature and qualities which is why they are refurbished all the time and stay in high demand. 

This one was completely refurb'd in 2015 - just over 6 years ago. Just look at the picts! Fully operational, no issues. This incredible, highly sought after roasting machine comes with a package of goods: 

  • 22 kilo UG series roaster and cooler
  • Control panel
  • Chaff cyclone
  • Selkirk TO-3WG30 Afterburner and double-walled insulated stack & ducting - 4 pieces (all optional for additional investment)

Has multiple thermocouples and data logging capability! Digital temp read out on control panel as well as gas/flame adjustments. 

Current owner bought it a year ago from roaster who acquired when refurbished. Equipment stopped running 2 years ago when Covid shut the roastery down, now out of business. Was only running a few days a week prior.

Never any roast or chaff collector fires, and maintained consistently, per batch, weekly, and monthly. 220 volt/3 phase running on natural gas. 

Located in New England states, this equipment set is available now, ready to ship.

This is an incredible Probat UG22 Roaster Package. Grab It NOW!

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to find out more.


LOCATION: Northeastern USA
LAST USED: 2 years ago. Currently in storage
LAST SERVICE: When shut down
POWER: 220v - 3 phase
FUEL: Natural Gas
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Control Panel, External Cyclone, Stack
CAPACITY: 48 lbs. p/batch, 4 batches p/hr.

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    Since 1868, PROBAT has stood for pioneering solutions in the processing of coffee. They have become the world market leader in machinery and systems for the coffee and food industry. They boast consistently high-quality coffee, best life-cycle costs and performance, and individual

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