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4.5 Kilo / 10 lb Coffee Crafter X-e Fluid Bed Roaster - 2020 Model - Excellent Condition - Used



4.5Kilo / 10lb Coffee Crafter X-e Fluid Bed Roaster - 2020 Model - Excellent Condition - Used

Chaff Collector and Blower Included 

Made in the USA

Discover the power of precision roasting with this exceptional 4.5 Kilo, all-electric Artisan X-e Roaster from Coffee Crafters. In impeccable condition and boasting minimal usage hours, this roaster has been a dedicated companion for a coffee enthusiast's hobby roasting journey.

Included in this enticing offering are essential accessories to elevate your roasting experience:
✨ Bean cooler and indoor chaff collector for a seamless cleanup process.

✨ Manufacturer-recommended blower ensuring optimal performance with included ducting.

✨ USB Phidget upgrade, enhancing the machine's capabilities (see Pics).

✨ Agratronix Coffee Moisture Tester, a valuable tool for coffee quality control.

Why part ways with this gem? A complete shift in business direction prompts the seller to pass on this fantastic opportunity to you.

For coffee connoisseurs who understand the nuances of roasting, convection-powered fluid bed roasters reign supreme. Enjoy the benefits of easier cleanup, reduced roasting time, and unparalleled roast uniformity. The Artisan X-e stands out as an energy-efficient roasting marvel, capable of handling batches as small as 2.5 lbs or scaling up to a robust 10 lbs for full production runs.

Take advantage of its affordability and productivity—the Artisan X-e can churn out over 60 lbs in just one hour of production. Elevate your roasting game with a roaster that doesn't compromise on quality or efficiency.

Seize this opportunity to bring home a roasting companion that embodies excellence and reliability. Act fast before this Artisan X-e finds its new home!

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


MODEL: Coffee Crafters Artisan X-e
CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Northeastern USA
LAST USED: Nov 2023
LAST SERVICED & CLEANED: Cleaned regularly

Roaster Power 60-amp, 240V single phase

Exhaust System Power 11-amp, 230V 60 Hz single phase

CAPACITY: 2.5 pounds - 10 lbs per batch 
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT:  Roaster Matched indoor chaff collector, cooling tray &  blower motor with ducting, Agratronix Coffee Moisture Tester,
DIMENSIONS: Roaster/Exhaust Hood 12” wide x 19” deep x 57”
Bean Cooler 12” wide x 18.25” deep x 53” tall