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Portable Bulk Coffee Bean Storage Bin/Hopper - 51" x 51" x 91"

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Portable Bulk Coffee Bean Storage Bins/Hopper

These Bulk Coffee Bean Storage Bins are made in the USA from high carbon steel. They're industrial quality, incredibly sturdy, solid construction, gravity-fed, and feature portability with fully enclosed forklift pockets at the base for ease of mobility and extra safety.

There are 3 options, sized to fit your specific need. This specific unit is 51" x 51" x 91". 2 individual bins available.

  •  48"x48"x68" 2445 lbs Ground Coffee, 3173 lbs Green Coffee
  •  48"x48"x89" 3200 lbs Ground Coffee, 4153 lbs Green Coffee
  •  51"x51"x91" 3694 lbs Ground Coffee, 4791 lbs Green Coffee

Perfectly designed to fit tight spaces with easy action discharge outlets. Fill one of these up with your coffee - raw or roasted, today.
Used, but in great condition and priced to sell. Ready to ship NOW!