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12 Kg - Diedrich IR-12 Roaster - 2010 - Excellent Condition - Used

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12 Kg - Diedrich IR-12 Roaster - 2010 - Excellent Condition - Used

Made In USA

Prepare to elevate your roasting game with the Diedrich 2010 IR-12 Coffee Roaster, a stellar machine in top-notch condition that can handle 25 lbs. per batch, transforming your roastery's production capabilities.

This faithful roaster is on the market due to an upgrade and is ready to bring its artisanal coffee crafting skills to your establishment.

It runs on natural gas, uses 110v power, and features the latest gas control technology, mirroring advancements found in newer models. Equipped with three thermocouples (Bean, Exhaust, and Ambient) and compatible with popular software like Cropster and Artisan, this roaster offers precise control over temperature for perfect coffee profiling.

Regular weekly maintenance and thorough cleanings mean this machine isn't just functional; it's been enhanced with the latest gas controls, a perk typically reserved for new Diedrich models. A USB port for roast data logging and a newly installed 1048 4 input phidget add to its modern capabilities.

After a thorough inspection and servicing by a Diedrich technician, and with Cropster compatibility (note: programming required), this IR-12 is ready for action.

The 12k Diedrich IR-12's design caters to a range of batch sizes, from 6 to 12 kg, suiting all your roasting demands. It's capable of processing half batches and can produce up to 92 lbs. per hour over four consecutive batches, ensuring both efficiency and uniformity.

Enjoy additional features like a stainless steel cooling tray and stirrer arms, which guarantee that each roast adheres to Diedrich's high standards for consistency and quality. Seize the opportunity to integrate this Diedrich IR-12 into your roastery's core operations.

12-kilo batch Diedrich Roaster - it’s going to go fast!

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CONDITION: Excellent
LAST USED: Jan 2024
LAST SERVICE: Regular schedule
BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
MAX BTUs: 66,000
POWER: 110 Volt/60 Hz, Single Phase
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Roaster, Brand New 1048 4 input phidget installed and wired
BATCH ROAST: Green Coffee: 26 lb (12 kg) coffee per batch. Hourly capacity is approximately 36.0Kg/78.0+ lbs. running 3 batches p/hr., up to 92 lbs. p/hr @ 4 batches.
DIMS/WEIGHT Per 2018 manual: 57"x49"x76" / 1150 lbs.

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