Sample Roaster: Used Probat BRG-1Z Current Edition



Self-contained 1 Barrel Sample Roaster able to do between 80-100 grams per batch - but we have run 120 with complete success. This is as new as you can find.  Manufactured in 2013 and in excellent condition as it was only used once or twice per month for bean purchase selections only. Simply not used much at all. The filling tube (measuring device) comes with it as well as a testing spoon for reaching inside and grabbing a sample for further study. The original manuals and instructions come fully in good condition. Basically, plug and play.


  • Set up for Natural Gas
  • 110 V (10 Amps) 50-60 Hz normal US Plug attached.
  • Self Contained Chaff Collection
  • Air Control
  • Air stream temperature indicator
  • Arrange for a 4" exhaust tube to outside world.
  • Size allowance: 22.25" tall, plus operational lifting of the drum, 20" wide, 27" deep
  • Ships from New Jersey - weighing 110 pounds - crating required